Join our Parish!

Thank you for wanting to join our parish family. Initially, we ask you to complete our family registration form below. Once you register you will receive a welcome packet from us.

What does it mean to be a registered parishioner?

Registering with your parish family means you joyfully fulfill the following minimum responsibilities to God of being a parishioner: Attend weekly Sunday Mass (or Saturday Vigil) to fulfill the 3rd commandment, Tithe of your time and talent to serve your fellow parishioners and share the Gospel with others, Tithe of your income (if not possible at this time then pray for your parish) approximately 5% to your parish and 5% to other works of charity, participate in one parish faith formation program to help you grow in faith, follow all the teachings of our church, and pray daily. By fulfilling your responsibilities as a registered parishioner, you earn the opportunity to sponsor someone who wants to be baptized, confirmed or to become Catholic.

We all strive for this universal call to holiness which God summons us to regardless of our vocation. By sharing Christ with others we help make our parish become a family of families.

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