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Spring  2015 Family Speaker Series Talks  

Week 1– Fr Hammond: Why Is Marriage a Sacrament?

Week 2–Dr. Cahall:  Human Love in God’s Plan

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Week 3–Wes Baker:  Technology in the Home

Week 4–Ryan & MaryBeth Eberhard :  Parenting:  Raising Your Kids Catholic

Week 5–Sister Jean & Fr. Vince :  Gone Fishing:  Called to a Deeper Love

Week 6–Mike Haughton:  Fatherhood and Family Prayer 

Week 7–Mary Ann Jepsen:  The Family:  Home for a Wounded Heart

Week 8–Kimberly Henkel:Artificial Reproductive Technology: Reconceiving the Human Person

2015 RCIA Church History Talk–Part 1

2015 RCIA Church History Talk–Part 2 

Spring  2015 Men’s & Women’s Conference Talks

Spiritual Sports Radio Interviews–Archives incl Chris Spielman

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