St Vincent de Paul Society

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a lay ministry of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Society was founded in Paris, France in 1833.  The International Council is still located in Paris, France.  The National Council is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, the Diocesan Council is located in Columbus, Ohio and our conference is located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Our service area is all of Knox County.  We assist people who are going through a temporary financial hardship with rent or utilities in most cases.  We have also assisted with prescription medication, car repairs and plumbing repairs.

Our funding is provided by the members of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Mount Vernon, OH and some from St. Luke’s Church in Danville, OH.  We do receive some assistance from other conferences in Ohio and some from the Diocesan Conference.

Our assistance takes the form of a team of two going on a home visit to access how we can help our neighbors.  They are usually experiencing a temporary financial set back due to loss of job, time lapse while trying to get on disability, an unexpected expense such as car repair, plumbing repair or a temporary hospitalization or illness.  The money we provide is paid directly to the vendor such as the landlord or utility company.

In August of this year, we received a grant from the diocese to start a micro loan program.  These funds are to be used only for the micro loan program.  This program is to help individuals who do not have a good credit rating or any credit rating to secure a small loan of between $500 to $750.  These loans are administered by the local credit union.  The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, guarantees the funds to the credit union in case of default.  The Society has financial mentors to help people who qualify for a loan to attend budgeting classes and encourages them to pay back the loan to establish or improve their credit rating. Throughout our mission we try to treat all our neighbors with the respect and dignity they deserve as children of God.

If you would like to join us in our ministry, please email us at or call our phone at the rectory and leave a message.  The phone number is 740-392-4711 ext. 6.    One of our officers and/or members will be in touch.