Reopening Policies and Procedures

Click on the below link to read Bishop Brennan’s and Fr Hammond’s Letter to the faithful

Public Masses reopening Pentecost 2020


Highlights of Fr Hammond’s letter include the following:

  • New Sunday 12pm (Noon) Mass time replaces 11:30am Mass time
  •  Due to social distancing and the fact that we can only use every third pew, the church will have a very limited seating capacity
  • If we can live stream by May 30th, we can seat some more people in the school gym where they can participate in Mass, and then we will send a minister there to distribute Communion at the proper time.
  • We are designating one weekday Mass each week at both St. Vincent de Paul and St. Luke churches for the elderly and those considered “high risk”. The Tuesday Mass is the one designated for the elderly and high-risk persons. Those not in that category, who want to attend Mass on Tuesdays, are invited to attend the 11:00 AM Mass at St. Luke.
  • The Cathedral will continue to broadcast Mass each day on St. Gabriel radio and to stream via the diocesan YouTube channel.
  • Bishop Brennan has dispensed all Catholics in the Diocese of Columbus from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass at least through September 13. So I encourage people who want to receive communion to come to a daily Mass, which is much less likely to be crowded.
  • Everyone who attends Mass MUST wear a mask.
  • There will only be two entrances: the main double doors, and the handicap access entrance. An usher will meet you at the door, take your temperature, invite you to sanitize your hands, and lead you to your seat.
  • Music will be limited, no hymnals, bulletins will be available and will have the Sunday readings (as well as words to the songs–take the bulletin home with you). There will not be a collection taken but baskets will be at the doors for your contributions. Bread and wine will not be brought to the priest. There will be no sign of peace.
  • Reception of Communion in the hands is strongly encouraged by the bishop, and it is REQUIRED by Father Hammond, since he has a condition that causes his hand to be numb, and thus he is not sure when he has touched the inside of someone’s mouth. The Precious Blood will not be distributed. Please lower your mask when it is your turn to receive (so that you’re not fumbling with it when you have the Eucharist in your hand), and replace it as soon as you have received.
  • When the Mass is finished, please wait for the usher to dismiss your row so that there is not a crowd of people exiting church at the same time. And please do not congregate after Mass.