All Church & Parish activities cancelled effective March 18th–Click here for details

Effective March 18th, 2020, Bishop Brennan has suspended all Parish and Church events at least through Holy Week and Easter to restrict contact and exposure. Confessions will also NOT be heard at St Vincent de Paul or St Luke parishes. If you are in serious need of confession (i.e. mortal sin), call Fr. Hammond or Fr. Olvera and they will set up a time to meet you at SVDP or St. Luke. See below the parish events for excerpts from his most recent letter.

The following events will be live streamed from SVDP Chapel via St Vincent de Paul’s facebook page or twitch or All of the events are recorded so you can also click on “Videos” on the left hand side of SVDP Facebook page and watch the event later if you missed the live version.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Chapel Online Mass Times:
    • Mondays – Fridays 12:15 pm
    • Sundays – 10 am
  • Online Eucharistic Adoration
    • Mondays – Saturdays 10-11 am
  • Online Daily rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy
    • Mondays – Fridays 3-3:30 pm
  • Online Stations of the Cross
    • Fridays at 7 pm

I want to leave you with this suggestion: if possible, in consideration of not only your health but the health of all those you might come in contact with, please make every effort to stay home and find other means to stay close to the Lord.  This is especially true for those of us with the highest risk for complications from infection.  Utilize Catholic media, TV, and St. Gabriel Radio to continue to experience the Mass.  Take this opportunity to expand your prayer life. You can find links to much of this information on our website,  As we move forward, we will continue adding resources to assist you.  

Even in these challenging times, as we all continue our faith journey during Lent, all of us can engage in spiritual communion.  A spiritual communion acknowledges that deep sense of loss at not being able to share the sacrament but an act of faith in Jesus’ faithful presence among us as we long for the day when we might share anew in the Lord’s most gracious gift.   

 Let us be united with ever fervent prayer even as we experience physical “social distancing”.  Let us beg God’s help and mercy in this trying time.  Indeed let us practice “extreme charity” making these sacrifices for the good of those around us and being aware of the each other’s needs.  We pray for all those who are afflicted by this virus or any illness, for all of us who have been impacted, and for those who labor to curb and defeat its effects and keep us safe.  We offer all of our sufferings and anxiety to Our Lord Jesus, and united in faith, we pray to be refreshed by his boundless love.”                    Bishop Brennan