2021 Corpus Christi Procession Sunday, June 6th following Noon Mass

2021 Corpus Christi Procession Sunday, June 6th following Noon Mass:
All SVDP parishioners, family, and friends are invited to join our procession. This year’s route is approximately 1.5 miles
long. Copies of the Corpus Christi Program and route will be available at the back of church during the
Noon Mass. There will be four prayer stations along the route representing us bringing Christ to the
four corners of the Earth where we will stop and pray at various parishioners’ homes. After the
procession, parishioners return to the church, where benediction (thanksgiving) concludes the service.

“I believe that the most necessary thing to do on the feast of Corpus Christi is not to explain some aspect of the Eucharist, but to revive wonder and marvel before the mystery.”  Raniero Cantalamessa

Corpus Christi Sunday

Corpus Christi (Body and Blood of Christ) is a Eucharistic solemnity, or better, the solemn commemoration of the institution of that sacrament. It is, moreover, the Church’s official act of homage and gratitude to Christ, who by instituting the Holy Eucharist gave to the Church her greatest treasure. Holy Thursday, assuredly, marks the anniversary of the institution, but the commemoration of the Lord’s passion that very night suppresses the rejoicing proper to the occasion. Today’s observance, therefore, accents the joyous aspect of Holy Thursday.

The Mass and the Office for the feast was edited or composed by St. Thomas Aquinas upon the request of Pope Urban IV in the year 1264. It is unquestionably a classic piece of liturgical work, wholly in accord with the best liturgical traditions. . . It is a perfect work of art.